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Common Causes for Water Damage in Gold Canyon

Water damage can strike anyone at anytime. Unfortunately most people are not prepared to handle the damages that often result. In the event water damage hits your Gold Canyon home or business, the first step is always to contact a Gold Canyon water damage professional such as Good Times Restoration. Water damage should not be taken lightly and it is strongly recommended to allow a water damage restoration company to handle any damages that occur. Here is a common list of ways water damage can hit Gold Canyon homes or businesses.

Roof Leak Gold Canyon:

Roof leaks are a fairly common cause to water damage. This type of damage can often go quite a while without being detected in certain situations. In this situation mold can be an unwanted result. Checking your roof for damage periodically could help prevent water damage from occurring.


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Water Supply Line Leak Gold Canyon:

Water supply lines leaks and broken water supply lines are a common cause of water damage in Gold Canyon. Each appliance, faucet and toilet are supplied water through water supply lines. Overtime these can degrade and increase the chances of water leaking into your Gold Canyon home of business. When this occurs water extraction is usually needed.


Washing Machine Leak Gold Canyon:

A washing machine has several ways that could potentially lead to a laundry room full of water. Some common examples include faulty sensors, broken parts, loose connections and washing machine drain hose leaks. A washing machine overflow can deposit many gallons of water in very little time so it is definitely something to be taken seriously.


Plumbing Leak Gold Canyon:

Plumbing leaks are a common cause of water damage in Gold Canyon. Unfortunately any structure with running plumbing could face some kind of plumbing leak at one time or another. These sometimes go unnoticed for some lengths of time as well which could lead to mold growth. Plumbing leaks should be handled as soon as they are noticed.


Dishwasher Leak Gold Canyon:

A dishwasher leak can deposit many gallons of water in your kitchen is relatively little time. Common causes include damaged seals, plugged drains, defective parts, plumbing leaks and faulty sensors. In anyone of these scenarios it is critical to dry any wet materials as soon as possible. A water damage restoration company should be called if the water has a chance to soak into building materials.


Broken Pipe Gold Canyon:

A broken pipe or burst pipe has the potential to deposit water at a very fast pace in your Gold Canyon home or business. When this happens the first thing you should do is shut off the main water supply to the home or business. Next you should contact a water damage restoration company such as Good Times Restoration that is capable of performing water extraction. Water extraction will almost always be needed in situations where a lot of water finds its way on the floor.


Hot Water Heater Leak Gold Canyon:

A hot water heater leak is a common way for water damage to occur. This can be caused by multiple factors including mineral build up, plumbing leaks and defective parts. However the leak occurs water damage will be soon to follow.


Sewage Backup Gold Canyon:

A sewage backup is by far one of the worst causes of water damage. These types of spills need to be treated seriously and it is recommended to vacate the premises. Do not attempt to handle these types of situations yourself. Contact a water damage restoration company such as Good Times Restoration.


Leaking Refrigerator Gold Canyon:

A leaking refrigerator is a common way for water damage to occur. Water supply lines as well as defective parts are the usual suspects. A refrigerator water supply line is typically made out of plastic which can be damaged relatively easily as well as become brittle over time. If this fails water will begin flowing into your kitchen until the water is shut off.


Air Conditioner Condenser Pan Leak Gold Canyon:

An air conditioner condenser pan leak is a common way water can get into areas it was not intended to be. Common causes include rusted pans, damaged pans, or plugged drains. However this happens water damage will almost always follow.


Toilet Leak Gold Canyon:

Toilets have several possible ways to leak. Common causes include plugs, leaking supply lines, sewage backups, broken toilet tanks, broken toilet bowls and more. In any scenario possibly contaminated water could now be present on your bathroom floor. These types of leaks should be taken serious and a water damage restoration professional should be called to handle the water damage.


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