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Phoenix Water Damage: Common Causes

Water is a power that can cause many dollars of damage in no time. In most cases these types of losses happen at a time you least expect them. These loses should be treated seriously and it is recommended not to attempt to try to handle the situation without the proper training and equipment. Good Times Restoration is a full service restoration company that offers 24/7 emergency service so do not hesitate to reach out to us. Here are some common water failures that could happen to your Phoenix home or business.

Phoenix Roof Leak:

There are many causes that could lead to a roof that no longer holds out the elements. Common causes include damaged tiles, damaged shingles, hail damage, poor construction, old age and storm damage. None of these situations are good. Giving your roof a visual inspection from time to time could prevent water from intruding into your residence.


Phoenix Broken Pipe:

A broken pipe is never a good thing. It has the potential to deposit tens if not hundreds of gallons of water in no time. If this happens while you are away the damage could be catastrophic. Expert know how and equipment are absolutely necessary to correctly handle thee types of floods.


Phoenix Broken Water Supply Line:

Like a broken pipe, a broken water supply line can be similarly devastating. Water has the ability to enter the room at a high rate which will very quickly result in large areas if not the whole house being affected. The resulting water damage can become a huge deal to mitigate correctly. Leave this job to the experts like Good Times Restoration.


Phoenix Hot Water Heater Leak:

Hot water heater have a few common areas that pose an elevated risk of leaking. Common causes of failure are a result of corrosion, plumbing leaks, faulty parts, old age, mineral build up and leaking or damaged supply lines. In most cases these types of leaks tend to be slow so it is not always obvious to spot a leaking hot water heater. In many cases mold will also be an unwanted side effect that can result from a hot water heater leaking for extended periods of time without being discovered.


Phoenix Dishwasher:

There are several ways a dishwasher could fail leading to water all over your kitchen floor. Some examples include leaking seals, defective parts, leaking or broken supply lines and more. Since this water will usually have food particles mixed in it could be prime for mold growth so this is not something that should be ignored.

Phoenix Plumbing Leak:

Plumbing leaks can usually be very frustrating because they are often hard to find and can go on for lengths of time before they are noticed. Mold growth can often be associated with them and it is recommended to leave these types of repairs to professionals.


Phoenix Washing Machine Leak:

There are a few different ways washing machines can leak water. The most common causes include faulty parts, failed sensors, loose connections and drain hoses becoming dislodged from the drain. No situation is good because all of the water the washing machine uses during a typical load could end up on your laundry room floor.


Phoenix Refrigerator Leak:

Refrigerator leaks are a lot more common than most people would expect. In most cases the leaks are caused by a broken or leaking supply line. The plastic supply lines used in refrigerators are much more susceptible to braking or failing then a normal metal supply line so the chances of failure increases. If you notice water coming out from the bottom of your refrigerator, this is most likely the culprit.


Phoenix Sewage Backup:

Although less common than some of the other leaks, a sewage backup is by far the worst the of water damage. These types of water infiltration can be somewhat difficult to stop as well. If this type of water loss ever occurs it is strongly recommended to avoid the area if at all possible. These losses can be full of contaminants that could be harmful to your health and only someone with the proper training and know how should attempt to re-mediate them.

Phoenix AC Leak:

AC leaks are a somewhat common cause for water damage in the Phoenix area since they are such a vital part of our existence here. These are usually caused by a plugged drain or damaged drain pan but in many cases can be prevent with proper maintenance.

Phoenix Toilet Leak:

Toilets have a few ways that they can leak. Some examples include damaged seals, broken or leaking supply lines, sewage backups and damaged parts. Depending on the source of the leak, these can also have the potential to contain contaminants so it is wise to treat these kinds of spills with caution.


In most cases it is recommended to contact a water damage restoration company to handle any water losses you might encounter. Good Times Restoration is a full service restoration company that would be happy to assist you.

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