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Scottsdale Water Damage Restoration: Common Causes

Often times water damage happens at a time when you aren’t expecting it in a way that can be surprising. There are many ways water can end up in areas it was not supposed to be. Some common examples include leaking appliances, plumbing leaks, roof leaks as well as several other ways. Water damage can quickly become a very serious issue and it recommended to leave the repairs to a restoration company like Good Times Restoration. Incorrectly handling the issue will result in a much larger headache than correctly taking care of it the first time. Here is a list of common causes of water damage we run into

Scottsdale Roof Leak:

A roof has quite a few areas of failure that could lead to water in your home or business. Some common areas of failure are caused by old age, inferior materials, poor construction, storm damage, hail damage and wind damage. If anyone of these failures happen, a leak will usually follow. It is important to give your roof a visual inspection from time to time to find damage before it can become a bigger problem.


Scottsdale Broken Pipe:

A broken pipe can very quickly lead to many thousands of dollars in damage if not caught almost immediately. Unfortunately in most cases this is a realistic expectation and the leak is not discovered until hours later. A restoration company will almost always be needed in this situation.


Scottsdale Broken Water Supply Line:

Similar to a broken pipe, a water supply line break can have very drastic results as well. These types of breaks are typically caused lack of routine maintenance and old age. Supply lines are only good for a set amount of time and should be replaced before their materials begin to degrade.


Scottsdale Hot Water Heater Leak:

A hot water heater leak is far more common than you would expect. Common causes of failure are from corrosion, old age, defective parts and plumbing leaks. It is highly recommended to inspect your hot water heater from time to time to look for any possible signs of leakage.


Scottsdale Dishwasher:

A dishwasher has a few common areas of failure that could result in a kitchen full of water. Common leaks include leaking or damaged supply lines, defective parts, loose hose clamps and defective parts.


Scottsdale Plumbing Leak:

Plumbing leaks are an issue you will encounter at some point of home or business ownership. It can cause a major inconvenience and has the potential to add up damages quick if not caught in a timely manner. Depending on the severity of the leak, these leaks can sometimes go undetected for a decent amount of time which will sometimes lead to mold growth.


Scottsdale Washing Machine Leak:

Washing machines have a few different common areas that can spill water. Typically this includes the drain hose, supply lines and defective parts. Most commonly the drain hose becomes dislodged from the drain and falls to the floor. Once this happens all of the water used in a typical wash will end up on the floor of the laundry room.


Scottsdale Refrigerator Leak:

The most common area of failure refrigerators face is the plastic supply line that provides it with water. This can be damaged somewhat easy and it can become brittle over time so leaks often happen easier than you would suspect.

Scottsdale AC Leak:

An air conditioning unit has a few common ways that lead to water leaks. The most common ways are caused by excess condensation buildup and flaws in the drainage system. This will usually be caused by a damaged or rusted pan, debris build up or a clogged drain. In most cases this can be caught ahead of time with a simple visual inspection.

Scottsdale Toilet Leak:

Although most toilets are relatively simple in construction, they have several areas of failure that can lead to an unwanted leak. This can include a bad wax ring, sewage backup, seal failures and leaking or broken supply line. Depending on the source of the leak this can also release contaminated water so these leaks should be treated with extra caution.


Regardless of the cause, water damage is often something that exceeds the ability of being a DIY repair. It requires expert know how as well as specialized equipment that is not economical to obtain. These types of damages will almost always escalate further if ignored or treated incorrectly so it is strongly recommended to contact a professional restoration company such as Good Times Restoration to help guide you through the repair process. We are only a call away day or night.

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