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Water Damage Restoration in Tempe: What to expect

You started your day as you typically would by taking a shower before heading off to work. Very quickly you realized this wasn’t going to be an ordinary day when you noticed water existing your bathroom from a broken supply line to your toilet. Unfortunately instances like this can strike anyone at anytime. In situations like this it is very important to take a breath and not let the emotions get the best of you. This can be a very stressful situation and its best to approach it with a clear head. Water has the potential to create thousands of dollars worth of damage in relatively little time so its best to let a professional water damage restoration company address the situation and dry it out. Once you have contacted a water damage restoration company in Tempe, such as Good Times Restoration, here are some tips and what you should expect.

Before Arrival:

As you await arrival of the water restoration company you contacted, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost do not enter an area that could be potentially hazardous. This can be caused by contaminated water such as sewage, compromised structural strength or electricity. In any one of these situations it is strongly recommended to avoid the area or vacate the premises all together. If the area is deemed safe to enter, mopping or vacuuming any standing water will help assist water damage from spreading beyond its current area. If using a vacuum make sure that it is safe to use in water applications. Moving any personal belongings in close proximity to the affected area can help the restoration company get started sooner as well.


Once Onsite:

A water restoration technician will greet you and ask to be shown all known areas of water damage. They will begin taking reading and charting out any water damage that needs to be taken care of. Once given the go ahead from the home or building owner it is time to begin work.


Contents Manipulation:

The first step to any water restoration job is to move any clothing, furniture or contents that might be in the way.


Water Extraction:

In many cases multiple technicians will be onsite and one can begin water extraction as the other are moving contents out of the way. Water extraction will be used to remove any standing water found onsite. This will help reduce the chances of water damage from spreading beyond the affected area. Water extraction is a very critical step in any water damage job.



At this point it is time to begin demolition if necessary. Good Times Restoration only uses demolition when necessary. Factors that get accounted into this decisions are the category of water (how much contamination is believed to be in the water), if materials are no longer up to pre-loss standards and if there isn’t another way to successfully access the wet areas to correctly dry them. Anytime it is deemed demolition is needed, containment will be set up to limit any dust, debris or contaminants to only the affected area.


Dry Out:

Once all demolition has been completed it is now time to dry any wet materials. Equipment such as air movers, dehumidifiers, and sometimes air scrubbers will be set up based on moisture readings. All wet materials will be checked daily and equipment will be adjusted as needed until all wet materials are dry. At this point it is now time to remove the drying equipment.



At the conclusion of the dry out it is now time to replace any building materials that needed to be removed due to water damage. All drywall, baseboards, carpet pad, carpet, insulation and any other building materials that had to be removed from water damage will now be replaced. Matching paint will be applied and it is now time to go back to your life as it was before the loss.


Anytime you encounter a situation where water has damaged building materials, do not hesitate to contact an expert. Time is very critical when it comes to water damage restoration. Good Times Restoration is a full service restoration company that can address any of you Tempe water damage restoration, water restoration, dry out, reconstruction, emergency water extraction or water mitigation needs. We also offer 24/7 emergency response so day or night we are there for you.

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