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What Does a Restoration Company Do?

A common question restoration companies often receive is what does a restoration company do? Due to many specialized services there can be many answers to this question. It is not uncommon for companies to have several answers such as water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire damage restoration, storm damage repair as well as several other possible answers. In short a restoration company addresses a loss that occurs at your home or business and returns it to pre-loss condition.


During water damage restoration a company first must remove any water found in a home or business. Next any necessary demolition will be performed to remove contaminated or damaged materials. At this point specialized equipment will be set up and monitored until all materials are found to be dry. It is now time to rebuild any materials that were removed due to water damage. When the process is complete your home or business will be restored like the loss never occurred.


One thing to keep in mind is a restoration company is often a licensed contractor but a licensed contractor is usually not capable of correctly performing restoration work. Home restoration requires specialized equipment that most contractors do not have. This equipment is critical to perform these types of jobs correctly. Anytime you face a situation where a specialized set of equipment and experience is needed such as water damage restoration, fire restoration, mold remediation and several others make sure to contact a company that is specialized in these areas.


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