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We have three goals: Build relationships, rebuild properties, and restore lives.

Good Times Restoration is your trusted partner for comprehensive plumbing and restoration solutions. With a commitment to transparency, we offer free estimates for all our services. Our team of trained technicians handles any plumbing or restoration challenge, and our 24/7 emergency service ensures we’re here when you need us most.

As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in serving our community with personalized care and unwavering dedication. Trust Good Times Plumbing & Restoration for reliable, top-tier restoration services you can depend on.

Signs You Need Professional Restoration Services

When your home shows signs of distress, it’s important to act quickly. Our experts are here to help. Look out for these signs that it’s time to call the professionals:

  • Mold growth: Visible mold patches might indicate water damage, but concealed mold can lurk within walls or under floors, requiring expert detection.
  • Bubbling or cracking paint: Water leaks behind walls can cause paint to blister, bubble, peel, and crack due to material expansion and contraction.
  • Flooring issues: Warping, buckling, or loose tiles on floors are a sign of water accumulation.
  • Pooling water or puddles: Persistent puddles suggest leaks or seepage, requiring investigation and remediation to avoid extensive issues.
  • Chilly interiors: Difficulty heating spaces could indicate moisture in walls, as dampness draws heat, leaving walls colder than usual.
  • Unusual sounds: Dripping or running water sounds might signify leaks or plumbing issues that warrant professional assessment.
  • Discoloration: Brown streaks on exterior walls may point to overflowing gutters or improper roof drainage, calling for inspection to prevent more significant problems.

Count on Good Time Restoration for timely, practical solutions to protect your property and mitigate potential damage.

Contact us today at 480-725-5010 to schedule fast, reliable service.

24/7 Emergency Home Restoration Services

Disasters strike without warning, and when they do, time is of the essence. At Good Times Restoration, we understand the urgency of these situations. Our 24/7 emergency services ensure we’re there for you whenever you need us.

We’ll act quickly to mitigate further damage and begin the restoration process immediately. Rapid response minimizes the spread of water, prevents mold growth, and protects your property’s structural integrity. Good Times Restoration’s commitment to acting fast ensures the impact of floods or leaks is minimized.

Call 480-725-5010 today for 24/7 emergency home restoration.

Water & Flood Removal & Extraction

Good Times Restoration specializes in comprehensive water and flood removal and extraction services. When water emergencies happen, our expert team quickly removes excess water, using advanced techniques and equipment to ensure thorough extraction.

By addressing the source of the issue and using efficient drying methods, Good Times Restoration restores your property to its pre-damage condition, preventing further complications and minimizing disruptions to your daily life.

With our prompt and practical approach, you can trust Good Times Restoration to handle water and flood restorations with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Good Times Restoration offers fire damage restoration services to help you recover from the devastating effects of fires. From assessing the extent of the damage to providing thorough cleaning, soot removal, odor elimination, and structural repairs, we address all aspects with precision and care. With our reliable and comprehensive fire damage restoration services, you can rely on Good Times Restoration to guide you through restoration.

Restore your home to pre-damaged condition; schedule fire restoration services by calling 480-725-5010.

Mold Remediation

Mold infestations pose serious health risks and can compromise the structural integrity of your property. Good Times Restoration understands the urgency of mold remediation and offers expert services to effectively eliminate mold and prevent its return.

Mold exposure can lead to respiratory issues, allergies, and other health complications, making prompt remediation essential. Good Times Restoration’s skilled team removes visible mold and addresses underlying causes, ensuring a thorough and lasting solution.

Call 480-725-5010 today to schedule mold remediation services with Good Times Restoration.

Sewage Clean-Up and Removal

Good Times Restoration offers comprehensive sewage cleanup and removal services catering to residential and commercial properties. Our team handles the challenges of sewage extraction and removal, ensuring a safe and thorough cleanup process. Sewage backups can be hazardous and require specialized expertise to mitigate health risks; we provide reliable sewage cleanup solutions.

If you’re dealing with sewage backup, don’t wait – call Good Times Restoration today at 480-725-5010 to schedule emergency service.

Rebuilding Services

Good Times Restoration provides top-notch rebuilding services to restore properties after water, fire, mold, or other types of damage. Our skilled team takes pride in meticulous craftsmanship, using quality materials to rebuild and restore spaces to their original condition.

Contact Good Times Restoration for a Free Quote on Home Restoration

Get peace of mind with a free quote on home restoration services from Good Times Restoration. Our trained technicians handle emergency services, from sewage cleanup to water and mold removal. As a locally owned and operated business, we prioritize customer comfort during what can be a stressful time, ensuring a calming experience.

We offer:

  • Free estimates
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Insurance collaboration
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Quick turnaround time

Call 480-725-5010 today for a free quote, and let us restore the beauty, safety, and comfort of your Phoenix home.

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I have been in this industry for more than a decade, I work as an Indoor Environmental Professional who performs inspections on properties during the restoration process. I work with over 40 different... -Randy Stock, AEC Representative
Fantastic experience with Jared and Hunter. They use the best tools and are extremely customer-oriented. Would prefer these guys over the big businesses in this segment any day. -Srinivas
We had a few different restoration companies come out to the house before having Good Times out and after meeting with their techs we decided to go with them. They were very knowledgeable and even dis... -Oscar M.
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