Commercial Restoration Services in Phoenix, AZ

Your place of business can suffer from a variety of problems, just like any residential property. Whether you’re dealing with water damage, sewer damage, or mold, turn to Good Times Plumbing & Restoration for help.

Our talented crew can assess the damage and create a clear plan of action to get your workplace back in shape. With our help, you can rest assured that your property will be as good as new. We’ll even help you handle the insurance paperwork.

Leave the heavy lifting of restoration to the experts at Good Times Plumbing & Restoration. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Phoenix.

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Count on Us for Water Damage Restoration

Water is a vital part of everyday life, but it can also wreak havoc on commercial properties. If your building experienced a flood, a busted pipe, or other water damage, Good Times Plumbing & Restoration is here to clean up the mess.

We have the tools and talent to remove excess water from your property, clean the wet floors and walls, and replace the damaged materials. Our crew will also help you file insurance claim paperwork if necessary.

Get your property back in tiptop shape after water damage. Contact us today online or call 480-725-5010 to get started.

Turn to Us for Sewer Damage Restoration

The sewer connection at your business is essential, but backups can threaten safety and cleanliness. If you have clogged drains and backed-up toilets, it’s time to call Good Times Plumbing & Restoration.

Sewer lines can back up due to overuse of a drain, an old drain, or even sewer line problems in your immediate area. When these events occur, our team can clean up the mess, unclog the drains, and sanitize the space. With us on the job, your business will look and smell as good as new sooner than you think.

Don’t delay when your place of business has a sewer issue.

Contact Good Times Plumbing & Restoration today at 480-725-5010 to start the sewer damage restoration process.

Choose Us for Mold Remediation

Over time, dampness can form on surfaces and inside walls, creating a breeding ground for mold. This mold can release spores into the air, making your air dangerous and unhealthy to breathe. If your business has a mold issue, talk to Good Times Plumbing & Restoration.

You may have a mold issue at your property if:

  • You notice musty odors in certain areas.
  • You’ve had dampness issues in the past.
  • You have dealt with water damage previously.
  • Patrons or employees complain of respiratory problems.

Don’t ignore the signs of mold. Call Good Times Plumbing & Restoration at 480-725-5010 to schedule mold remediation as soon as possible.


Contact Good Times Plumbing & Restoration Today

The team at Good Times Plumbing & Restoration strives to ensure that every business owner has a clean, sanitary, and great-looking place where they can serve their customers. We work hard to provide the area’s best restoration services, using top-quality tools and hiring experienced staff.

Our team loves to serve the Phoenix area and the East Valley, and we want to ensure your business can get back to good times after experiencing damage.

Restore your property to its former glory with help from expert restoration professionals. 

Contact Good Times Plumbing & Restoration today or call 480-725-5010.

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I have been in this industry for more than a decade, I work as an Indoor Environmental Professional who performs inspections on properties during the restoration process. I work with over 40 different... -Randy Stock, AEC Representative
Fantastic experience with Jared and Hunter. They use the best tools and are extremely customer-oriented. Would prefer these guys over the big businesses in this segment any day. -Srinivas
We had a few different restoration companies come out to the house before having Good Times out and after meeting with their techs we decided to go with them. They were very knowledgeable and even dis... -Oscar M.