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Importance of Containment on a Job Site

When Good Times Plumbing & Restoration is performing water mitigation, mold remediation, biohazard cleanup, or working in an environment with lead or asbestos, containment is a critical part of our job process.

Fabric portable wall for containment, with one part unzipped for access.

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What Is Containment?

Containment is used in all aspects of mitigation and abatement. Containment is a polyethylene plastic barrier that’s put into place to determine the work zone and drying chamber. Containment serves multiple purposes.

During demolition, containment contains the dust to a specific work area to significantly reduce cleanup times and prevent the spread of dust to other areas of the home or commercial building. Often, there will be an adhesive zipper on the entrance and exit of the containment. This allows entry and exit of personnel and water restoration equipment.

As seen in the picture below, there are also extending poles and tape that create a seal on containment to prevent the spread of airborne dust particles and contaminants.

Containment also serves as a drying chamber for water damage restoration and mold remediation. This drying chamber contains all the water restoration equipment and creates a barrier to isolate the difference in temperature, relative humidity, and vapor pressure in the given work area.

Air filtration devices and air scrubbers are attached to the containment and are typically exhausted to the outside. This equipment filters out 99.97% of contaminants and dust particles in the air while creating pressure differentials in the drying chamber or work area.

Containment with open zipper and blue tape along right side.

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Water Removal & Mold Remediation Process

When it comes to water damage and mold issues, time is of the essence. Acting quickly can make a significant difference in minimizing the extent of the damage and preventing further complications.

Once the areas are contained, we use tried and true processes to ensure the issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Mold Remediation Process

We use advanced techniques and equipment to ensure mold is isolated, removed, and treated against future contamination.

  • Isolating & sealing off the affected area: The initial step in mold remediation is isolating and sealing off the affected area. This helps prevent the spread of mold spores to other parts of the property during remediation.
  • Filtering & cleaning the air: Negative pressure systems are used to filter and clean the air in the isolated area. This helps remove airborne mold spores, ensuring a safer and healthier environment.
  • Removing porous materials: Any porous materials that are moldy, damp, or damaged are systematically removed. This includes damaged drywall, insulation, or other materials that may harbor mold growth.
  • Cleaning & disinfecting surfaces: Non-porous surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate any mold residue. This step is crucial in preventing future mold growth on these surfaces.
  • Disinfecting porous surfaces or fabrics: For porous surfaces or fabrics that weren’t damaged but may have been exposed to mold, a disinfection process is carried out to ensure any potential mold spores are eradicated.
  • Rebuilding damaged areas: In cases where mold has caused structural damage, Good Times Plumbing & Restoration excels in rebuilding and restoring affected areas to their pre-damaged state.
  • Treating with fungicide: To prevent future mold growth, the affected areas are treated with a potent fungicide. This acts as a protective barrier, preventing the recurrence of mold infestations.

Water Extraction Process

Water damage poses various risks to a property. Whether from a burst pipe, flooding, or a leak, standing water can infiltrate the structure, causing extensive damage to flooring, walls, and personal belongings.

Beyond the immediate structural concerns, stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms, including bacteria and molds.

The longer standing water is left unaddressed, the greater the likelihood of secondary issues, such as mold growth, which can negatively impact indoor air quality and pose health risks.

Our swift water extraction process includes:

  • Removing standing water: We use advanced pumps and commercial vacuums to quickly remove standing water from the affected areas.
  • Removing wet or damaged materials: Wet or damaged carpeting, furniture, drywall, and insulation are removed to prevent further water absorption and mitigate potential mold growth.
  • Extracting remaining water: Dehumidification systems extract any remaining water, ensuring thorough drying of the affected spaces.
  • Drying the home: Negative air machines, fans, and heaters are strategically placed to expedite drying. This approach helps prevent structural damage and mold growth associated with lingering moisture.
  • Monitoring with moisture meters: Throughout the water extraction and drying process, Good Times Plumbing & Restoration uses state-of-the-art moisture meters to monitor the progress and ensure the affected areas achieve optimal dryness.

By combining expertise, advanced technology, and a commitment to rapid response, Good Times Plumbing & Restoration mitigates water and mold-related issues, protects properties, and restores peace of mind for homeowners.

We offer emergency service to ensure a quick response and minimize damage.

Call 480-725-5010 today to schedule mold remediation or water extraction.

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