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Five Common Mistakes Made During DIY Water Damage Restoration

With DIY home improvement projects becoming more and more common these days, many people believe they can take on any home related project. In many cases they are right and should be proud of their work. When it comes to water damage restoration unfortunately success is not always the outcome. This is a job that we recommend leaving to the experts unless the spill is extremely small and is able to be dried before any water has a chance to soak into building materials. Here are 5 common mistakes made by DIY home or business owners.

1. Waiting Too Long:

Unfortunately most people do not realize how serious water damage can be and often don’t address it fast enough. This will almost always compound the existing problem and can lead to mold growth as well. Water damage is something that should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent damage from spreading.


2. Incorrectly Classifying the Water Damage:

According to IICRC standards each water loss should be categorized by category as well as class. This helps determine the necessary protocol to handle the water loss. Without doing this the chances of performing the work correctly are minimal at best. In short categories are used to determine how contaminated the water is expected to be. This can determine what materials need to be removed and safety protocols to follow. Class determines how much area is effected and how large of an evaporation load should be expected. Without knowing what class the loss is, it would be very easy to have too few dehumidifiers present.


3. Forgetting to Take Proper Precautions:

Water damage is something that can have many hidden hazards that are overlooked in many cases. Unfortunately personal safety is often neglected sometimes by accident and other times by lack of care. It is very important to take into account things that could put you in danger such as mold, asbestos, compromised building materials, live electrical circuits, contaminated water, air borne particles as well as many other dangers. In these situations it is highly recommended to leave the area and call a water damage restoration company. If the areas must be accessed than proper ppe should be worn at all times.


4. Lack of Proper Equipment:

Water damage restoration is a specialized trade that requires special equipment to correctly perform the job. Unfortunately many key pieces of this line up are not commonly owned by home or business owners. The cost of most of this equipment exceeds the point of being reasonable to purchase as well. Household alternatives can be used successfully in certain situations but it is highly discouraged to attempt a job on this scale without the right equipment. This will almost always result in damage spreading which will ultimately lead to more expensive repairs.


5. Lack of Experience:

Water restoration is as simple as setting up some fans and being patient right? Unfortunately this is almost never the case and knowledge as well as experience can be the difference between success and failure. A certified technician knows the correct protocols to handle water restoration losses correctly and efficiently. They have seen the special drying situation that can arise as well as areas water can end up that you wouldn’t expect. This knowledge is critical in completing a water mitigation job correctly.


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