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Summer Indoor Home Maintenance Checks

Summer is almost here; temperatures are on the rise and monsoon season is just around the corner. Doing small maintenance checks around your house now can help prevent and protect your house from water, fire, storm damages, and more. Good Times Plumbing & Restoration wants to help you stop water damages and accidents before they happen! Here’s a list of 10 maintenance checks we suggest you complete now so you can get back to enjoying your summer plans.

1. Air Conditioning

Temperatures are rising, and living in The Valley we all know summer is not a good time to be without air conditioning. It would be helpful to check and ensure your cooling system is ready for the high Arizona summer temperatures. Consider getting your air conditioning system serviced. Proper AC maintenance doesn’t only help make your AC last longer, it can also help prevent hazards such as leaky AVAC systems and air conditioner fires.


2. Smoke Detectors

When was the last time you tested your smoke detectors? It’s important that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working in the event of fires or other emergencies. The U.S. Fire Administration actually suggests you test your smoke detectors once a month and change the batteries 1-2 times a year. Test your smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed.

3. Ceiling Fans

Cleaning and maintenance of ceiling fans is something we don’t always remember to do. Before using your ceiling fans, you want to dust them off to prevent unwanted dust particles from spreading throughout your house. Also, make sure the wires are all in a good condition; unkept ceiling fan wires can be at risk for electrical fires. Lastly, you’ll want to ensure your fan is spinning counterclockwise during the summer so that the air is being pushed straight down to keep you and your home nice and cool. Locate the direction switch on your fan to change the direction if it is not spinning counterclockwise.

4. Dishwasher

You’ll want to check your dishwasher for water leaks. Check to ensure the dishwasher door seal is intact and inspect hoses under your dishwater for holes or blockages.


5. Plumbing

Checking the appliances in your bathroom and laundry room can help prevent unwanted water damage. In your bathrooms: clean or replace faucets and shower heads, inspect your toilet and look for leaks or issues with the toilet float valve, inspect all pipe connections, and clean out the drains. In the laundry room: inspect washing machine hoses and replace if needed.

6. Filters & Vents

It is also important to clean the filters and vents in your bathroom and laundry room. Be sure to clean out all the dust and lint in the dryer vent and exhaust duct. If not maintained and cleaned, clothes dryers can be a fire hazard. Also, clean out the bathroom fan vents and change out the air conditioning filters.

7. Baseboards

Baseboards are another thing that are often over looked and not routinely cleaned. Baseboards collect dust but can be easily wiped clean with a damp rag.

8. Attic

Check your attic for things such as leaks, holes in the roof, bugs, dampness, and mildew.

9. Chimney

Unkept chimneys can result in particle build up and can create a fire hazard. Since you won’t be using your fireplace during the hot summer months, this is a good time get your chimney cleaned.

10. Cords and Electrical Outlets

Unkept cords and electrical outlets are potential fire hazards. Check for frayed wires, loose fitting plugs, and make sure electrical outlets, extension cords, and circuit breakers are not overloaded.

Doing these simple but important maintenance checks can help protect your house from unwanted damages. We want you to be safe and prevent damages before they happen so you can enjoy your summer plans. Accidents can still happen though and Good Times Plumbing & Restoration is here 24/7 to assist you during stressful disaster situations. Have a fun, safe summer and give us a call if you are in need!

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