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Summer Outdoor Home Maintenance Checks

On another blog, we posted some helpful summer maintenance checks to do inside your house, however there are also some summer maintenance checks we would suggest you do outdoors as well. Doing some outdoor home maintenance checks can help protect your house from water damages, storm damages, fire damages and more. Good Times Plumbing & Restoration, a water damage restoration company, wants to help you stop water damages and accidents before they happen. Here’s a list of maintenance checks we suggest you complete outdoors before the summer temperature keep rising and monsoon season hits.

1. Grill

Summer means lots of evening cookouts and BBQs, so it’s time to get your grill ready to go! Dirty outdoors grills can be a fire hazard, but luckily they are easy to clean. To clean your charcoal grill, empty the grill and wipe off the grill with some hot water, soap, and a scrub brush. To clean your gas grill, close the lid and turn the grill on high. Let the grill cook for 30 minutes then turn off and cool. After it is cool, use a grill brush and brush away all the debris. Wipe the outside off with cleaner and a rag. Also check and clean out the drip trays; drip trays can build up residue over time and can lead to grease fires.

2. Porch/ Deck

Cleaning your porch of dirt, leaves, and other debris can help reduce the risks of fire and flood hazards. Sweep your porch thoroughly and wash it off with a hose and some cleaner. Also take time to look over your wood deck. Check for old rotting wood and loose or missing nails. Also check to see if your deck needs to be resealed in order to protect against water damage.


3. Check for leaks

Leaks around our house waste our precious water resource and can also cause unwanted water damages. Check hoses and faucets outside of our house for leaks. If you spot a leak, check for any water damage and give Good Times Plumbing & Restoration a call if needed.


4. Window/ doors

To prepare for upcoming monsoon season and storms, check the caulking around your windows and doors. Adding fresh caulking can help prevent water leakage into your home during storms. While you are at it, this is also a good time to clean windows around your house.

5. Pests

Caulking around windows and doors can also help keep pests out of your house. Other things to do to keep these critters away include; covering holes larger than ¼ inch wide, trimming tree branches 8ft from your roof, keeping outdoor trash bins tightly closed, removing yard debris, and tending to your lawn/ backyard.

6. Roofs/ gutters/ downspouts

Consider having your roof inspected and clear out your gutters if necessary. Doing so can help prevent water damage to your house as a result of storms.


7. Home exterior

Do a visual inspection of your outdoor exterior. Look for dirty, rotting or loose siding. Consider touching up the paint on your house. Fix and clean anything necessary.

8. Garden

If you are growing a garden this summer, consider adding an extra layer of mulch around your plants. This can help fight off weeds and keep in moisture which is important during the hot summer months. Also, trim the bushes, plants, and tree around your yard.

9. Outdoor play equipment

Inspect outdoor structures to ensure they are safe and sturdy for summer play.

These maintenance checks are simple but important, and can help protect your house from unwanted water damages with the upcoming monsoon season ahead. We want you to be safe and prevent damages before they happen so you can enjoy your outdoor space. If an accident does happen, give Good Times Plumbing & Restoration a call. We can help you with water and flood damage restoration, mold remediation, storm and wind damage restoration, and more. Have a fun, safe summer and give us a call if you are in need!

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